Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mad Jack: Poison Maker

I promised a Mad Jack update, and (shockingly) I bring one.
This is a minor character whom I shall tell you nothing about.  ;)

This picture isn't "polished" but I actually kinda like that about it.  It's rough... and that seems sorta right.  (I think I'm going to go back later today and alter the speech bubble.  It's too perfect and it feels out of place against the rest of the picture.)

This is once again 100% Photoshop.  I'm getting much better at sketching within the program instead of on paper and then scanning it in.  It saves a bit of time to do, and I don't feel like I'm losing out on too much quality by doing it.  

The Mad Jack comic is getting closer and closer to reality with every day. I'm pretty damn excited about it, and with any luck, some other people will be too. ;)


  1. Looks cool! I love the feeling when you're creating something, and liking it, and all amped up about it.

  2. @Meri
    Thanks! It is a fantastic feeling.
    Cheers to you as well!