Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blue Doodles and Noodle Arms

Remember that blue sharpie I nabbed from the SEA conference? It got used quite a bit.  :)

So I drew this lady, stealing this kid.  And decided, despite it's similarities to Tangled, it was awesome and there had to be at least two more drawings of them.

I really enjoyed using this bendy people style.  It was liberating and oodles of fun.  These are going in my "do more with these" pile to develop further.  Along with a whole slew of other doodles... *sigh* 


  1. Love the blue sharpie! And bendy people style! I hope you experiment with this more. I love how curvy everything is!

    Also: I wouldn't worry about the act of kid stealin' being too similar to Tangled. I'd say it's a common fairy tale idea. :)

  2. @Kaitlin,
    Thanks! I'm definitely digging the style. :D And it's good to know it's not overly "Tangled-ly" <3
    (And thanks for the comments. <3 You made my day brighter!)