Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ecstatic Joy and Simple Sketches

You may have noticed that I haven't posted in a little while.  You have deduced this correctly, you smart reader!  The reason being that I managed to spill a quarter of a bottle of beer across my laptop while attempting to swat a gnat.  Very dramatic, very tragic.  The computer looked to be a relic of the past, refusing to turn on and making frightening flashy lights at me.  But, amazingly, after letting the poor thing dry out for a couple of days (in more ways than one) it... is fine.
 That was not something I had been expecting.
And needless to say I am completely ecstatic!

So I share with you, dear viewer, a random doodle that is not particularly ecstatic and is actually rather staid and just a little boring.  It does, however, reflect my new found love for suspenders.  ;)
(Done, as usual, with a beloved blue bic pen and over zealous scribbling.)




    Also, I like the suggestion of his AWESOME PECS stretching his shirt. He looks like a smarmy chimney sweep! I like him a lot!

  2. @ Elise
    Thanks so much! :)
    Male v. Female is a bit ambiguous, but either way, he or she has a good set of pecs.