Friday, October 15, 2010

Dynamic Scenes, Church Doors, and Knives

In addition to yesterday's post of character designs, CarnivorousGiraffe and I worked on dynamic scenes!  Monumentally more interesting and much more fun to do, dynamic scenes are characterized by character interaction and stuff happening! And in addition to always being italicized, dynamic scenes must always end with an exclamation point!

[There was a picture here. Now there is not. Rest assured, it was removed for very important plot reasons]

I can't tell you what's happening in these (that would be a serious spoiler!) but I can say that this crazy project of ours is getting more and more interesting and exciting every day.  :)

A question for the lovely audience:
I know how I like to read things, but I don't know about the rest of the world. :)
Given the choice, how do you prefer to read your online comics?
  a) Page updates (once every week etc.)
  b) Chapter updates (considerably less often)
  c) Other

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