Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stuck In the Mud, Verbatim Lines

Being a college student has it's perks. Today marks the first day of our fall break, a week long reprieve from class. I say class rather than college because it is also the period that many professors decide is perfect for big projects. To make things even more interesting, I'm taking the GRE's tomorrow. ( O_O )

But all that aside, I plan to spend a great part of this break working on Mad Jack plans and panels with my good friend CarnivorousGiraffe, who is the fabulous writer of this crazy creation of ours. Expect oodles of sketches, environments, and more in the coming week!

But until break technically starts I'm still going to classes. And going to classes means occasionally doodling in them. This doodle started out yesterday during an extremely depressing film on the Jonestown tragedy we watched in my Contemporary Millenarian Movements class. (...It doesn't get much more depressing than that.)

This time I actually tracked down my scanner and inked directly over my original sketch in photoshop instead of redrawing from scratch. It was faster, but I actually prefer the redrawing process over the "verbatim" method of traditional ink tracing, as it allows me a chance to catch mistakes and actually improve the drawing.

Case in point: her shoulder. I don't even know what's going on there, just that there's something seriously not right. :) Thank goodness it's just a doodle!


  1. pssst...I think you mean Jonestown, hon.

    Shoulders are hard though, man :(

  2. @Jenny
    I did indeed! *chances* Auto correct has done me another injustice. XD

  3. Green people can dislocate their shoulders, no prob. It's accurate.

  4. @Sara,
    Does it really read as green on your computer? That is concerning...