Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sketches and Couches and Hotels, Oh My!

I spent this weekend (and part of this week) holed up with CarnivorousGiraffe working on Mad Jack character designs and dynamic scenes.  (It is a new grammatical rule that dynamic scenes must always be italicized.)  This post will show the first.  Thanks to her generosity and a number of lucky casino factors, we even got to chill for a night in a fancy hotel (for free!)  I also drew on the ridiculously comfortable couches provided in the mess hall of her university.  I am quite envious of a large uni's couch power.

I had planned to have this post up on Tuesday (camera would not recognize computer). And then on Wednesday (computer would not recognize scanner). But then finally the fates aligned and I was able to digitize my sketchbook!

Anyhow - on with the art!
(Warning: nudity)
I present to you, oh gracious reader, a collection of doodles and character designs, inspired by Sara's brilliant compilation at her blog, the SketchGarden.  

Some of you may remember a couple of doodles I've done for the Mad Jack comic in previous posts.  There have been a few character design changes, but mostly I've been working on making sure I know how the characters react, how they move, and just practicing drawing them.  (Fun fact: Jack has at least 8 knives on her person (or people in her vicinity) at all times.) 

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