Saturday, December 4, 2010

Spiked Heads and Horses Called Blue

Last night my housemate Elise and I poped in Hot Fuzz and doodled the whole way through.  It was an absolute blast.  (If you haven't seen it, Hot Fuzz is a hilarious movie.)

There is something incredibly cathartic about drawing tiny crosshatched lines.  I just couldn't stop.  If my pen hadn't been running out of ink, I might have filled up the whole page.

No idea what a horse called Blue has to do with Hot Fuzz.  But I like him.  He might return.

Both done in some unknown black pen I found in the bottom of my bag, with the harder outlines done in a fine tip sharpie that I might have accidentally nicked from someone. ;D Anyone missing a sharpie?


  1. Hi!
    Just stumbled upon your site, and I love it! Do you ever do drawings for other people, or other peoples' blogs? I know I'm a stranger but I'd love for you to design a merry-go-round in whatever creative scheme you please, for my blog, meri-go-round.


  2. @Meri
    As for working up a design for you, I think that would be fun. Is there a way I can contact you better?