Monday, February 28, 2011

Speed Paint: Bird Illustration

I've been in artistic overdrive lately!  I'm getting a lot of work done on my book project and even moving onto new projects on the side.

Now that I've been thinking more seriously about doing illustration professionally in the future, I've been working hard to amp up my portfolio.  And that means more drawing, more painting, more illustration!  And then more after that!

Speed Paint/Drawing
Time elapsed: 1 hour (plus change)
Medium: Photoshop

Not particularly pretty, but I'll be going back into it later.  Feel free to critique! There's already a lot I'm looking forward to changing.  You'll see this guy again.


  1. Haha! I love it! He looks like he means business. I want to know his story.

    Something about the perspective makes him look like a giant bird, too big to fit in that distant archway... But that's my only critique. And I wouldn't know how to fix it. Perspective is hard. :\

  2. @Sara
    Thanks! ;) He's got swagger.
    That's a really good poing about his size. I think I'll adjust the archways and the trees to accommodate him rather than shrink him down.
    Let me know if anything else weird catches your eye!