Sunday, February 27, 2011

Worlds Fair: Pages 9 & 10

One of the big projects I'm working on this semester is an illustrated children's book about the Chicago worlds fair of 1893.  I've posted about it before, and I'll probably post about it many more times.  It's a project I'm hugely excited about, but to go with that huge excitement is a huge amount of work.  When I say huge amount of work, I mean it.  Lots. Of. Work.  I'm getting faster and faster at the painting process (it's in Photoshop) but it still takes me hours upon hours to finish a page.  And the level of "finish" I get isn't quite high enough, even when I get there.

It's wonderful because I'm focusing so much of my energy on a cool project, which isn't something I usually get to do.  But at the same time, I really can't do anything else...

Here's a peak at spread pages 9 and 10:

There are a couple of kinks to work out of it, but it's pretty well set. :)
Just have to finish one today and one tomorrow and I won't be behind!  (o__o)

Back to work for me!

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